The Snake and the Coyote

A coyote, a dilapidated camper and a tramp are touring the desert landscape and canyons of Arizona and Nevada in the 1970s. Hippie it is none, because to it the flowers, the long hair and the guitar are missing.

We only slowly learn who Joe used to be when a couple of sinister characters start following his heels. As a former mob boss who, having ratted out his partners and enemies, is now under the U.S. government’s witness protection program, he has to be on his guard. But the murder of the only key witness for another trial forces Joe to return to the past and leave his camper life. But that’s exactly what his enemies are waiting for.

In this black-and-white 142-page comic, scenarist Matz and illustrator Xavier Philippe have taken time out from the routine of their Tango series to create this modern roadwestern with big landscape drawings, detailed car depictions and the brutality of people and desert

This album is published by Lombard and costs €23.50.

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