A flower as a counterpoint in Mondrian’s studio

Sometimes, therefore, one puts an album aside several times, with the desire to prolong the pleasure and delay the end of the story. With this comic about an episode in the life of the Dutch modernist painter, Piet Mondrian, French scenarist Jean-Philippe Peyraud and Italian illustrator Antonio Lapone let us immerse ourselves in it and sympathize.

Mondrian, portrayed as a loner, spends what little free time he has dancing, but refuses to show any other emotion or even love. He hates the color green and uses women only for dancing and venal sex.

Until the dance-loving young widow brings turmoil into his life. But this episode is only briefly true, because she makes a decision over him about his emotional life, which he thought he did not have. And this explains the presence of the flower in his otherwise very sober and tidy studio in Montparnasse.

The graphic realization through Lapone’s familiar style, which he has already used in Gentlemind and Adam Clark, among others, fits the era and the art style of the main character Mondrian. One can’t get enough of the fusion of Mondrian’s precisely arranged squares and rectangles and the dynamism Lapone weaves into the patterns.

The large format album La Fleur dans l’atelier de Mondrian is published by Glénat and costs €19,50.

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