The Impudence of Dogs

The Count de Dardille has a little problem. His wife, the Countess Amélie de Figule, demands a divorce after only six months of marriage. The Count has no choice but to ask his friend, the Marquis, for advice. What is the reason for the broken marriage? The decommissioned officer and battle leader simply does not want to succeed in fulfilling his marital obligations in bed together.

The marriage bed will be the battlefield of the coming century.

It is understandable that the countess in this tragicomedy in four acts no longer wants to stand idly by. She wants children, and if her husband is unable to impregnate her, she wants to have the marriage annulled in order to try her luck in a new marriage with a capable man.

Neither the Count nor the Marquis want it to come to a public trial and annulment of the marriage, and strive to bring the Count to other thoughts in order to awaken his potency.

And so the tragicomedy takes its course in the story of the French scenarist Aurélien Ducoudray and the illustrator Nicolas Dumontheuil detailed and expressively staged humorous comic book, in which it comes at the end yet to all satisfactory turn.

The volume is published by Delcourt and costs €19.99.

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