Shoot Ramirez Already!

The mute vacuum cleaner mechanic Jacques Ramirez wants nothing more than to do his job in peace. And he does it very well. For this, he is named employee of the year after years at his company Robotop, shortly before the building blows up along with his boss and the journalists gathered there.

Ramirez has been caught up in his dark family history, which he never wanted to have anything to do with and had taken a completely different path. But a Mexican drug cartel, a cold-blooded killer and the two Thelma & Louise characters Chelsea Tyler and Dakota Smith cross his path and leave a bloody trail. But Jacques Ramirez’s past is not quite so blameless either, and the story complicates.

The first two volumes of this saga of drugs, betrayal and violence are called “Gunning for Ramirez” in English. In a Quentin Tarantino-esque style, humor and blood gush from the pages, superbly staged by Nicolas Pertimaux. On the website accompanying the comic can find more details

The first two volumes were published in English by Image Comics.

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