2021: My Year In Books

Already last year I presented a few books I read during the first pandemic year 2020, and in 2021 I could add one more. The pandemic is still here, new variants come and dominate, and that leaves time for reading.

So this year I read 87 non-fiction books, 109 (mostly French) comics, a few picture books, children’s books and lots of magazines. I also acquired about a hundred old Mickey Mouse issues on ebay, which I’m halfway through.

I have the (almost) entire list of comics and books on Librarything, where I’ve been maintaining this content for years.

Overall, therefore, a slight increase in my reading volume from last year. And also this year, some books particularly caught my eye, either because of their content and/or because of the graphic presentation of the story (comics). Here is a small selection:



  • framers
  • Data feminism
  • The Innovation Illusion
  • Scale
  • Innovation Capital
  • The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy

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