Despite Everything – The Story of a Love

At first I thought I had mistakenly bought the second volume of this comic from the hand of Spanish comic artist Jordi Lafebre, because the numbering started at chapter 20. Very quickly it turned out that the story of Malgré Tout is told chronologically from the back.

The story of the protagonists Ana, a sixty-year-old mayor of a small town, and Zeno, an equally old bookseller, begins with a walk in the rain, which the two take arm in arm. In the course of the narrative, it turns out that Ana is married and has a son, while Zeno had only recently become a bookseller and had spent most of his life far from his hometown at sea.

More and more we learn about the two characters whose love began by a rapid turn more than 40 years earlier, and although they both went separate ways, they kept in touch and their love for each other only deepened.

Fascinating, besides the affectionate narration, are the drawings. I must confess that the presentation of a few pages in the French comics magazine Casemate was enough to put this comic on my list. And it does not disappoint . Lafebre manages to capture the tenderness of the relationship, the change of characters, and the mood in his drawings and readers: Inside with it to captivate.

The album is currently available in French and Spanish, and is published by Dargaud.

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