Are there differences in love? Tots philosophize about profound things

Occasionally a comic book falls into your hands where you wonder where it has been all these years? That’s what happened to me with Pico Bogue, a comic book series about a boy, his family and his friends, characterized by tenderness and wit, contrasting the smart-as-nails protagonists with the adult world.

The fact that the style of the illustrator Alexandris Dormal is similar to that of Sempé, who is known among other things for the illustrations for Little Nicholas, makes things easier. In combination with the soulful and cheerful stories of the scenarist Dominique Roques results in a very sweet overall work.

Even the first short story (see illustration) shows this vividly. Pico philosophizes over a piece of cake with his little sister about whether love is similar. Is love for a girl comparable to love for a piece of cake? His sister thinks it is, and distracts her brother. When Pico turns around again, her little mouth is seen smeared with cake, and emptiness yawns on his plate where the same cake was before. With wise words she concludes the discussion on love:

“There is no difference when the girl and the cake become one.”

Whoever is not moved and amused by this opening scene cannot be helped. In this volume, besides love, a consistent theme is that of violence, because the children have to lecture on it at school. In the process, they expose the adult world in their schoolyard discussions and set an example.

The only question I have is why I only came across this comic now, when this volume Sur le chemin (English: On the way) is already the thirteenth?

The album is published in French by Dargaud.

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