Sangre – A Girl Sees Red

A young girl with a rare gift makes one cut after the other to a priest to bleed him as painfully as possible. This is the introduction to a story by the bustling French scenarist Christophe Arleston and skilfully staged by Adrien Floch.

What begins with amazing brutality at the hands of the young Sangre has a history that goes back years. Her parents, who were wine merchants, were massacred by the Dark Skimmers, along with their caravan, in the fantastic world. The Skimmers use flying dragon creatures to attack their victims, slaughter them with magic and traditional weapons, and steal their belongings.

The little Sangre can only barely survive the massacre and for her, as an orphan, a hard fight for survival begins. Over the years her will for revenge remains strong and she starts a hard training that prepares her for the confrontation with the murderers. She uses a magical gift, which she recognizes in herself, but which also makes her extremely vulnerable for a short time after each use.

In each of the 8-volume series, the innocent-looking Sangre takes on the gang of Dark Skimmers with immense cruelty, one after the other, who possess immense magical and natural powers.

The story is captivating from the beginning, and enchants with the implementation The coloring was created by Claude Guth.

So far, two of eight planned volumes have been published in French by Soleil, each volume is €14.95.

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