Midi Pile – An Enchanting Story In Scissor Cut

Occasionally, a work falls into your hands that you only want to touch with reverence and fingertips, and that tells a story that touches with great sensitivity. In the children’s book department of the Librairie Kléber bookstore in Strasbourg, Alsace, I came across the children’s book Midi Pile, which tells the adventures of the little rabbit Jacominus Gainsborough.

Rébecca Dautremer is the unique narrator and artist behind Jacominus’ experiences and has already introduced us to her in her first children’s book, The Rich Hours of Jacominus Gainsborough. With Midi Pile, she takes readers by the hand in a wonderful continuation of his adventures. The book is in coloured silhouette throughout and leads us through the story from the perspective of the little bunny.

Jacominus is expected at noon for a rendezvous with his sweetheart and he sets off. We cross the orchard, the suburbs, the market place, the circus until we finally arrive at the harbour and wait impatiently for them.

On the one hand, it tears my heart apart to think that this book will end up in the wild hands of children, the silhouettes are too delicate. On the other hand the story is for children and adults at the same time and will certainly leave a lasting impression on the little ones.

Words cannot do this book justice, so walk with me through the book:

Each page is cut out with a laser cutter and reworked. The price of €49.50 can be explained by this effort. The book has so far been published in French and Spanish by Sarbacane.

France Inter has asked Rébecca Dautremer how she creates Jacominus, and she shows and explains it in this broadcast (in French)

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  1. I have been very intrigued by this beautiful story in scissor cut that is such a magnificently illustrated book. After reading your review I really wanted to own it. I have purchased” Midi Pile” in it’s original version of French. I would love to have the full transcript of the pages of the book in an English translation. Do you know if there is somewhere I could find an English version of the words to this book. I really loved your review of the book. And, believe me I will treasure my book. I am glad I will not tear your heart by having my book in the wild hands of readers who are too young to handle such a delicate book. The scissor cut silhouettes are amazing. Next I want to purchase the original story”The Rich Hours of Jacominus Gainsborough”. .I would love to have an English translation of this book also. I am grateful for your time in this matter. I hope you could find an answer for me.

    1. Pamela, thank you for your comment. I checked, and I still only see versions of the book in French, Spanish, and German, and for the Jacominus Gainsborough book in addition a Dutch version. I guess, you still have to wait for an English version. I wish I had one too, as I see this as a wonderful gift for English-speaking friends.

  2. Mario,Thank you for your response. I did buy the original version in French because I LOVE the book. I would like to know if there is any way someone could tell me how to find the English translation in only the words written so I could read it before going through the book. My book arrives in early January, so I wanted to read ahead so I would know about Jacominus Gainsborugh’s journey? Is this something that the writer would give to me or send to my personal email?

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