A Lord As A Patrolman

We imagine life as a lord, who thanks to generous family riches does not have to suffer, as a comfortable one. In the morning, i.e. rather at noon, we are awakened by the butler who serves us breakfast in bed with the morning paper, and after enjoying it to the fullest, we only have to slip into the ready and ironed clothes to indulge in polo, fox hunting or taking a stroll through the lush estates.

Far from it! The young and still green Lord Harold – the twelfth of that name – is an example of nobility with a passion. His is for the police, and that is where he wants to go. And not just to any district, where a lord is well-suited, but to the worst part of town, Blackchurch, where he is looking for a post. His wish is granted, and he is on the trail of a secret that leads him to mysterious deaths, a police station that seems to have a deal with the villains, and an inscrutable balance between villainous gangs. In the middle of all this is the pretty owner of a dive where all the threads come together.

Cover picture of “The Investigations of Lord Harold”

While Lord Harold is absorbed in his work and does not notice the long established rituals and arrangements, and thus upsets the finely balanced balance of all involved, his butler is dissatisfied. Thus he, who as the twelfth, like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on, served the family as a butler, sees his routine thrown off balance. Without further ado he decides to follow his master to Blackchurch as a policeman, to look after his Lord’s physical well-being and to assist him.

The story looks like an inspired Sherlock Holmes story, until at the end of the first volume something unexpected suddenly emerges from the river and gives the story a new direction.

The drawings are pleasing, the story is captivating, little stabs with British understatement run through the whole album. Humour and suspense are not missing

The volume is the first part of a series of several volumes, published in French by Vents d’Ouest and costs €14.50.

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